In the recent decades, Spain’s technology sector have made dramatic advances in personalised medicine and electronic health records, desalination, renewable energy, and in many other areas. Due to the years of experience the Spanish companies have in the respective sector, they have expanded to overseas with great success.

In the transportation sector, Spain has built a remarkable network of high-speed rail lines, which stretch around the country and link major economic centers. This achievement has made Spanish rail a real inspiration.

The Spanish healthcare system has consistently spent less as a percentage of GDP than other industrialised countries, while its citizens have enjoyed what the World Health Organisation considers to be one of the very best healthcare systems. This has been achieved to no small degrees because of the efforts and successes of Spanish companies.

The Spanish government, and Spanish companies, also bet heavily on renewable energy, and they are now enjoying the rewards. Not only does Spain boast a record percentage of electricity generated by renewable resources – wind, solar thermal power, and photovoltaic panels – but the companies that made it possible have since taken the lead in some of the most significant international renewable energy projects.