The objectives of  La Cámara are to organize activities and events which will help promote Spanish products and services to the local market, establishment of information service and assistance that would be of help to the Spanish companies wishing to envisage business opportunities in Malaysia.

Other Objectives include:

  1. Promote economic and commercial relationship between Malaysia and Spain
  2. Increase the Spanish presence in Malaysia and vice versa
  3. To develop commercial opportunities for our members in Malaysia and Spain
  4. Promotion and representation of our members in Malaysia and Spain
  5. To boost the existent relationship to improve interaction between Malaysia and Spain
  6. To improve economic and commercial relations in both directions
  7. Provide a channel of communication for Malaysia and the Spanish business community
  8. Identify the problems that Spanish companies may encounter in their development within Malaysia
  9. To host functions that allows members to discuss and network with Malaysia and Spanish officials and business communities