Corporate Members:

  • Raudhah Healthcare Sdn Bhd

RHC is a fully fledged Government Tenderer and Medical Supplies Company. We supply consumables and various other products to Government Central Purchasing Unit, government hospitals, universities, laboratories and various other Ministries Such as Homeland Security and Defense. We specialize in procuring consumables like oem syringes, cannulas & IVC, close system drug transfer device such as for chemotherapy for central contracts. Presently we are growing organically, recruiting local talents and providing comprehensive solutions to our clients be it for their medical equipment needs, disposables, project planning, to customizing standard operating protocols.

Offering Innovative Products with Trusted Quality We specialize in supplying quality medical products, providing comprehensive solutions to our clients be it for their specific equipment needs, Raudhah Healthcare Sdn Bhd Meet Our New Members consumables & disposables, project planning and up to customizing standard operating protocols for businesses to operate during this Covid-19 era.

“RHC is a “One stop” shop for Covid-19 relief and protection. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Covid-19 safety solutions, with a focus on customer satisfaction, safety and delivery.


  • Jumapanillo SL

Jumapanilo SL was founded in 2012 in Spain for the purposes of import-export of goods between Asia and Spain. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit we transformed our organisation into one that services the needs of the sanitary industry in Spain. We have since established ourselves as one of the largest importers of nitrile gloves into the Spain market. Currently we are ranked number 1 in terms of nitrile glove imports from Malaysia into Spain by air freight. Our primary customer is the Spanish Government. We have serviced hospitals and regional governments from Madrid, Castilla la Mancha, Aragon, Andalucia, Extra Madura, Badajoz, Tenerife, Valencia, to Sevilla and elsewhere. Jumapanilo SL has also successfully launched it’s own brand of nitrile gloves with Rubber Malaysia called Nitrilblu. They are fully compliant for the Spain and EU markets.

Our Mission:

• Providing high quality gloves and other related products to service the needs of the health industry in Spain

• To manage and expand successful partnerships with reputable Malaysian manufacturers

• Improve on our delivery time and service quality – promptness and efficiency are lifesavers

• Scalable solutions that enable our customers to ramp up supplies in their time of need


  • Padron Sdn Bhd

Cata is establised under company Padron Sdn Bhd.

Cata means ‘taste’ in Spanish, is a Mediterranean restaurant which brings flavours from France, Italy & Spain and features Gourmet wood fired oven pizzas plus delectable tapas and desserts carefully crafted by veteran Chef Karl and his team of up and budding young chefs to appease our palate and all other senses. Its Artisan Cuisine with a “Twist”.

With an emphasis on fresh produce and quality ingredients, Mediterranean food is ideal for those who like simple flavours. High-quality sashimi and top-grade scallops, fresh mussels, and shrimps, as well as Spanish Iberico, are among the ingredients in the tempting tapas. We will also have regular degustation menus presented by up and coming guest chefs. We have selected a small range of Mediterranean beverages and wines for you to choose from to wind down your evening at CATA.’


  • Arquimea Group SL

ARQUIMEA Group is a cross-sectoral international technology group that developes solutions and innovative products in highlydemanding activity sectors.

In the course of these 15 years, the Group has grown in different activity sectors. We now work in areas as diverse as space and industry; healthcare and biotechnology; defence and security, or critical infrastructures. This growth has been possible thanks to the generation and development of ideas within the Group, as well as to the addition of new projects and companies that share our same objectives and vision.

The Group has now joined resources and capabilities to both boost and preserve its innovative nature through the creation of ARQUIMEA Research Center. A new private R&D center that “raises to the maximum power” the research capabilities of ARQUIMEA Group’s companies. By doing so, the center creates a multidisciplanary space to share technologies, ideas and projects. Their headquarters are located in Spain, Germany and United States.