The aerospace and defense sector is widely developed in Spain. The Spanish market reached a turnover of 9,700 million € in 2015 and employed more than 54,000 workers. It is characterised by its high growth and its significant investment in R&D, up to 11% of the turnover in the aeronautics sector.

The aeronautics companies established in Spain stand out in several fields, such as military transport and special mission aircraft, low pressure turbines, MRO activities, air-refueling aircraft and air traffic management. The Spanish industry takes part in the main European aeronautics development, both civil and military.

Why Spain?

  • The investment in R&D activities in the aerospace sector reached 858 million € in year 2015, which amounts for 11% of this sub-sector turnover.
  • The Spanish Aerospace industry is the 5th in Europe in terms of turnover and unemployment.
  • The Spanish public sector has created several public R&D centers focused in the aerospace industry.
  • Growing importance of Spain in international programs: there are both OEMs (Airbus Military and Eurocopter) and Tier-1 companies, such as ITP and Aemnova, working in Spain.
  • Regarding space, Spain is a member of the European Space Agency (ESA) and takes part in its main programs (such as Galileo and Kopernikus). Spain also participates in the space programs of the European Union.
  • Spain broke its record of international visitors last 2016: 75.3 million tourists visited Spain, 9.9% more than in year 2015.


Source: ICEX – Invest in Spain