Who We Are


On behalf of the Malaysian Spanish Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MSCCI) or better known as La Cámara, it gives me great pleasure to give you a brief overview of our Chamber since our inception and the challenges for the future.

La Cámara was established in 2009 as a private-sector business and non-profit organization. The purpose of La Cámara is to provide support to Malaysian and Spanish businesses operating in Malaysia, to facilitate a forum for Malaysian and Spanish business people for discussion and exchange of views on bilateral business conditions and to promote, support and foster trade, services and investment between Malaysia and Spain.

In this review let me express first of all our special gratitude to Tan Sri Datuk Mustafa Mansur who has bear the responsibility of Chairman of La Cámara since the constitution. Without his personal touch, vision and experience in the business community in Malaysia and his dedicated engagement with the Authorities this Chamber would not have been possible .

These first years have not been easy as La Cámara had very limited resources and the number of members from Spain and Malaysia were not increasing as expected. The establishment during year 2014 of a sponsorship scheme has been a success and several companies like Bahru Stainless, Roca, Indra, Vicinay Marine and Dunlopillo gave La Cámara an important push to increase the budget and therefore increase visibility.

During year 2014 La Cámara has actively participated as leader of the Transport and Infrastructure sector and co-leader in the Energy sector in the European Project (SEBSEAM) of support to the Medium and Small European Business in south East Asian Markets .This project will remain during next years in full coordination with Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in Malaysia .

La Cámara has an important target for year 2015, that is to reach a number of members from the Spanish and Malaysian companies that will allow to initiate the process to become an Official Foreign Chamber in the terms regulated in the New Law adopted recently in Spain. This status of Official Foreign Chamber will hopefully boost the internalization of La Cámara and will give, between others, the opportunity to offer particular services to the Spanish companies interested in doing business in Malaysia.
The increase of the value of the events that La Cámara provides to members is also another important challenge for next years and our Executive Secretary is putting a lot of enthusiasm to cover all expectations from the diversity of business sectors.
Last but not least many thanks to the present members for the continuous support and for the companies that are considering to join La Cámara please go through our Web Page to have a full picture of past and present activities together with the possibilities to network with an ample number of Spanish and Malaysian corporations and businesses which have an active and mutual interest in both countries.
We hope you will join us and look forward to your continued support and involvement in La Cámara.



Who Are We

Malaysian Spanish Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a non-profit private entity that draws its members from both Malaysia and Spain. Our membership consists of various corporations and individuals who are dedicated and involved in the promotion of commercial, economic and industrial relations between Spain and Malaysia.

Joining the Chamber provides members with the opportunity to participate in all the events and activities organized by the Chamber, offers multiple opportunities for building trade relationships and networking, receive our publications and have access to a wide range of services.