Oswald Wolfe Gomez

Mr Oswald Wolfe is the CEO of Bahru Stainless Sdn Bhd since October 2014. During this time he has overseen the completion of the company’s two-phase expansion project whose investment value is in excess of MYR 2 billion. The current production of stainless steel at the factory has excessed MYR 150 million per month.

Mr Wolfe has been with Acerinox Groups since 1984 and has held senior positions as follows:

  1. Group’s Commercial Director and Member of the Steering Committee, Acerinox, S.A. Madrid
  2. Director of Columbus Stainless, Middleburg, South Africa
  3. Director of Acerinox Europa, Algeciras, Spain
  4. Director of Inoxcenter, Barcelona, Spain
  5. Deputy Commercial Director, Acerinox, S.A. Madrid
  6. Domestic Manager, Acerinox, S.A. Madrid
  7. Deputy Export Manager, Acerinox, S.A. Madrid
  8. Managing Director, Acerinox Benelux, S.A., Brussels, Belgium
  9. Regional Manager, Acerinox, S.A. Madrid
  10. Vice President, Acerol Corporation, New Jersey, USA